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Introduction to Morioka City

Morioka City is a core city in the Tohoku Region with a population of about 300,000. While preserving the stately and romantic atmosphere of a castle town, the city has been under development as a center of exchange for the Northern Tohoku region. The city provides the students with a comfortable living environment. Morioka City is also famous for two great literary figures, namely Takuboku Ishikawa and Kenji Miyazawa. To learn more about the city, please take a look at the following photos showing the local scenery and food in Morioka and read the explanations.

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Former Morioka Imperial College of Agriculture and Forestry
Morioka Takuboku Kenji Seishunkan
Morioka Castle Site Park (Iwate Park)
Morioka Fireworks Festival
Morioka Reimen