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Employment Support Program

We will support your job hunting activities so that you can realize your vision.

Iwate University's Faculty of Engineering supports students in job hunting as follows:

  • Giving guidance and holding joint corporate briefing sessions for third graders who will soon start job hunting
  • Giving career education to first and second graders
  • Giving tailored support to individual students who have begun job hunting

Guidance and joint corporate briefing sessions for third graders

Guidance is given to students of the Faculty of Engineering three to five times a year and to students of all faculties at least 10 times a year. Also, a joint corporate briefing session is held annually within the premises of the University with the participation of 300 or more companies.

Career education for first and second graders

It is important for students to have a vision of what they want to do in preparation for job hunting, to formulate research plans, and carry out their job hunting activities based on this vision. To help them in this process, the University has a program in which students are given opportunities to think about their career development.

Tailored support for individual students

In order to give tailored support to individual students, in each of the departments the Faculty of Engineering has a faculty member in charge of employment, who accepts job offers from companies, provides students with employment information and guidance, provides them with consultation on an individual basis, and recommends appropriate students to companies.

Also, at the Iwate University Career Support Office, students can receive individual guidance on how to write their personal history and prepare for interviews.