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Research Center for Regional Disaster Management

Outline of Research

Regarding disaster management in Japan, "hardware" measures represented by improvements to the disaster management facilities and "software" measures that include awareness raising for disaster management and the establishment of independent and voluntary disaster management organizations are being integrated organically into a comprehensive structure. To foster such a new and comprehensive disaster management structure, it is essential to understand the specific geographical and social situations of the region in question and identify what types of natural disasters could occur there and on what scale. The Center was established as a research base for the implementation of regional comprehensive disaster management measures in Iwate Prefecture.

The Center is engaged in (a) clarifying the mechanisms of natural disasters that could occur in Iwate Prefecture, in particular volcanic activities, earthquakes, landslides, tsunami, and floods; (b) developing disaster management and mitigation methods using industry-government-academia networks; and (c) in awareness raising and support for education on disaster management.


Program to Develop "Eco Leaders" and
"Disaster Management Leaders" to Support Local Communities

Research Center for Regional Disaster Management

The Center is implementing a program to develop "eco leaders" and "disaster management leaders" to support local communities in cooperation with the faculty members of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. These leaders are required to communicate the importance of environmental and regional disaster management activities to local communities, schools and workplaces, and lead the relevant activities that will be conducted at those places. Participants in the program will utilize the knowledge and presentation ability acquired through the program to function as leaders. In their capacity as leaders, they are expected to strengthen environmental and disaster management education at local schools, plan and implement local community activities, and conduct regional activities as part of corporate social contribution activities.

Unit 1
Foundation course
Unit 2
Theme-based course
Environmental management: global warming, waste treatment, river environment, environmental management and urban environment
Disaster management: earthquakes, floods, tsunami, volcanoes, landslides and urban disaster prevention
Unit 3
Practical exercises
Unit 4
Project work and final presentation