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Research Center for Composite Device Technology

Research Outline

The Research Center for Composite Device Technology was established as a research base in the field of device engineering that serves as the foundation for product manufacturing, and to meet the needs of industry, academia, and government for technical education, technical research, regional industry, and the fostering of human resources. The research center consists of the Basic Research Division and the New Technology Application Division, and is developing print circuit boards, thin-film solid-state lithium-ion secondary batteries, and organic semiconductor devices utilizing research seeds from such as surface and interface technology, thin-film secondary battery technology, and thin-film semiconductor technology. We are striving to contribute to developing industries in the region and improving international competitiveness through the development of these new technologies and products.

Research and Development Projects
  • Printed circuit board
  • Triazine-based molecular adhesives
  • Lithium-iron secondary batteries compounded with solar batteries
  • Installation technology for thin lithium-ion secondary batteries
  • Organic and thin-film semiconductor materials
  • Film-forming technology for organic semiconductors