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Monozukuri Engineering Factory

The Monozukuri Engineering Factory was established to provide an environment for "monozukuri" (manufacturing) and experiments, and support an undergraduate education program for students aspiring to become entrepreneurs. The factory consists of two centers and one support office. One of the focuses of the factory is the virtual "on campus companies"—students become employees at companies established by the faculty members to conduct research in line with corporate development efforts.

Advanced Manufacturing and Prototyping Center

The Advanced Prototyping and Processing Center conducts various processing and creates prototypes in response to on-campus requests. To formulate and implement monozukuri education plans, the center will introduce a wire spark cutter, digital milling machine and other state-of-the-art processing machinery (5-axis control machining center) at its new Precision Processing Room, further improving its manufacturing environment, which is already one of the best among national universities. The center is also planning to build a student studio as a space that students can use freely.

Monozukuri Experiment Center

The Faculty of Engineering integrated the building for general machinery experiments and other experiments conducted within the faculty to establish this center, aiming to improve its organizational system for experiment programs and enhance its facilities with new machinery and equipment. The center has a special building for wind tunnel experiments; this houses a new wind tunnel machine and a three-dimensional laser flow meter.

Monozukuri Entrepreneurs Support Office

The Monozukuri Entrepreneurs Support Office provides support for activities of on-campus companies (virtual companies represented by faculty members and students), and makes constant improvements to support their activities.

Monozukuri Engineering Factory