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Educational Vision


We seek to foster human resources who have expert knowledge in engineering fields and peripheral areas, and rounded human beings who can establish international careers, and further to promote basic and applied research actively in the areas of science and technology, aiming to elucidate natural laws and promote technological innovation.
In addition, we are trying to promote these qualities in education and research in coordination with the people of the region, and establish a Faculty of Engineering that can exist in both a regional and an international context.

Educational Goals

We want to foster human resources who can contribute to development, both in a regional and in an international context. Specifically, these will be people who have

  1. A basic and broad engineering knowledge as well as ethical standards
  2. Ability to solve engineering challenges and international-level expertise
  3. The ability to understand and deal with issues in a way that will actively promote communication within the region and in an international context

Research Goals

We want to actively promote a wide range of research in engineering fields from basic research through to commercialization, and to contribute to the development of research in the region and in an international context.

  1. To discover new seeds through basic research in engineering fields and their peripheral areas
  2. To discover what the region and the wider world need from research
  3. To promote applied or practical research

Social Contribution Goals

We want to apply the results of education and research activities both in the region and in an international context, to contribute to development in both areas.

  1. Approach to industrial development through industry-academia-government collaboration
  2. Approach to various issues concerning the environment and welfare problems
  3. Approach to various issues concerning lifelong learning in society

Admissions Policy

To achieve the goals, the Faculty seeks to admit

  1. Students who have the basic academic requirements for studying engineering
  2. Creative students who think logically
  3. Students who are actively motivated to solve new challenges and have the required staying power