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Social Activities

Living within Regional Society Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering,

The Faculty of Engineering seeks to foster human resources who have expert knowledge in engineering fields and peripheral areas, and rounded human beings who can establish international careers, and further to promote basic and applied research actively in the areas of science and technology, aiming to elucidate natural laws and promote technological innovation.
In addition, we are trying to achieve these qualities in education and research in coordination with the people of the region, and establish a Faculty of Engineering that can exist in a regional context.

Education Activity

Fostering human resources who are sophisticated and proficient in their field

The basic educational goal of Iwate University is to act as a training and research establishment that seeks truth and to foster human resources who are sophisticated and professional within an academic setting. The Faculty of Engineering wants to foster people who have basic and broad engineering knowledge and ethical standards, the ability to solve engineering challenges and international-level expertise, and the skills to communicate actively within the region and at international level, to contribute to the development of society.

  • In response to globalization, "Professional English" and "International Training (Overseas Language Training)" are included.
  • To help develop communication/networking skills, "Learning through Work Experience (National Internships, Overseas Internships)" and "Plant Visits" are implemented.
  • Information-related subjects are offered in response to the information age.
  • The emphasis during the senior year is placed on preparing a graduation thesis that encourages students to deal with engineering challenges.

Research Activity

Contributing to development in both a regional and international context

Our research goals are to promote a broad area of research from basic research to practical research in engineering fields to encourage harmony between human society and the natural environment, and contribute to sustainable development in both a regional and international context. We want to discover new seeds by implementing basic research in engineering fields and their peripheral areas as well as to actively determine what is required of research both within the region and in an international context, and developing those seeds in applied or commercialization-oriented research projects.

  • We will present the results of research at domestic and international academic conferences, and publish them in academic journals.
  • We will seek patents on research results to retain intellectual property rights.
  • The number of joint research projects with private companies is in the top 10-12 on the list of universities and colleges across the country.
  • The number of joint research projects per lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering is at the top level nationally.
  • We will promote large-scale joint industry-academia-government projects.

Social Contribution

Through industry-academia-government collaboration

We want to apply the results of our education and research activities both in the region and in an international context, promote industrial development through industry-academia- government collaboration, tackle issues related to the environment and welfare and lifelong learning, and contribute to the development of society.

  • Through industry-academia-government collaboration, we are developing new products and creating new ventures.
  • We are tackling regional challenges such as "Predicting Eruptions of Mt. Iwate and Disaster Prevention," and "Industrial Waste Removal Issues on the Border between Prefectures."
  • We have implemented extension lectures, extension programs, and exhibits on science and technology to promote educational activities in engineering.
  • We have signed a mutual friendship and cooperation agreement with seven cities in Iwate Prefecture to promote regional industry.
  • We are promoting academic exchange actively with overseas universities, colleges, and research institutions.