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Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, IWATE UNIVERSITY

DETO HideakiProfessor

Affiliation Faculty of Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Graduate School of Engineering
·Master's Programs
Civil and Environmental Engineering
·Doctoral Programs
Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Keywords Structure Engineering, Wooden Bridges, Actual Loading Test on Bridges
Summary My research interest lies in wooden bridges. Specifically, I perform static and dynamic tests (impact test, truck driving test, truck loading test) on existing wooden bridges and numerical analysis of the test results to clarify their static and dynamic properties and rigidity. Wooden bridges have the advantage of providing the warmth of wood and contributing to the protection and nurturing of local forest resources. When large-section laminated timber is used as the bridge structural material, there are no problems with its strength but the life of the bridge is definitely shorter than with a concrete bridge. I consider that a comprehensive cost estimate that takes into account the use of forest resources and human friendliness will be required in future.
Research Fields Structural Engineering, Bridge Engineering
Subjects Surveying, Numerical Analysis, Structural Mechanics Exercises
[Master's Programs] Advanced Structural Engineering
[Doctoral Programs] Advanced Construction Engineering
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