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Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, IWATE UNIVERSITY

KAMADA YasuhiroProfessor

Affiliation Faculty of Engineering
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Graduate School of Engineering
·Master's Programs
Frontier Materials and Function Engineering
·Doctoral Programs
Frontier Matter and Function Engineering
Keywords Magnetic Characteristics, Ultrasonic Sound Characteristics, Material Deterioration Evaluation
Summary As the infrastructures that support our daily life such as energy generation facilities, roads and tunnels, maintenance to ensure their safety will become increasingly important. To address this issue, accurate “health checks” for these structures are necessary since their length of life (useful life) is limited as it is in humans. Metal building materials deteriorate as the arrangement of atoms in them becomes disordered (lattice imperfection). As a member of the Non-Destructive Evaluation and Science Research Center, I am engaged in basic research on new diagnostic technology using magnetism and ultrasound sensitive to lattice imperfections.
Research Fields Metal Physics, Maintenance Engineering
Subjects Structure of Materials I, Differential Equations
[Master's Programs] Advanced Strength and Fracture of Materials
[Doctoral Programs] Materials Maintenance Engineering
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