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Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, IWATE UNIVERSITY

NAKAMURA MitsuruProfessor

Affiliation Faculty of Engineering
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Graduate School of Engineering
·Master's Programs
Die-Mold and Casting Engineering
·Doctoral Programs
Frontier Matter and Function Engineering
Keywords Solid-Liquid Interface Evaluation, Metallic Materials, Ceramics
Summary In welding-bonding technology and powder metallurgy, bonded interfaces are in a solid or liquid phase and have a complex and fine structure. In my research, not only metal materials but also ceramics and hard materials are used to evaluate the bonded interfaces of various combinations of these materials. Particularly in research into welding and bonding technology, my efforts are focused on elucidating the microscopic structures of the interfaces of metals and new materials welded by friction stir welding (FSW) or friction welding so that I can provide useful information to industry. FSW is a new leading solid-state welding method that has recently been studied by many researchers. In the powder metallurgy field, I study the mechanism of sintering and, in particular, evaluate the properties after solid-liquid phase sintering. With a focus also on the recycling of these materials, I propose various kinds of recycling techniques for metal materials.
Research Fields Metallic Processing, Welding-Bonding Technology, Powder Metallugy
Subjects Metallic Structural Materials, Welding-Bonding Technology, Technolgical English
[Master's Programs] Advanced Measuring and Analysis Technology
[Doctoral Programs] I Advanced Material Processing I
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