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Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, IWATE UNIVERSITY

SATOH AtsushiAssociate Professor

Affiliation Faculty of Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Graduate School of Engineering
·Master's Programs
Mechanical Engineering
·Doctoral Programs
Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Keywords System Control Theory, Aerospace systems, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Summary Advanced control theory and technology are indispensable for today's high-technology systems. For example, in aircrafts, various automatic control systems are utilized for improving fuel efficiency, better comfortability, reducing pilot workload, etc. The main objectives of control theory are the investigation of the dynamical systems' property and the construction of the way of control based on the knowledge of the systems. The main research topics in Satoh laboratory are hybrid control systems, LMI and numerical optimization approaches, and advanced control of aerospace systems.
Research Fields Control Engineering, Aerospace Engineering
Subjects Control Engineering, System Control Engineering
[Master's Programs] Advanced Control Engineering
[Doctoral Programs] Advanced Topics in Systems and Control
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