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Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, IWATE UNIVERSITY

YOKOTA MasaakiAssociate Professor

Affiliation Faculty of Engineering
Department of Chemistry and Bioengineering

Graduate School of Engineering
·Master's Programs
Chemistry and Bioengineering
·Doctoral Programs
Frontier Matter and Function Engineering
Keywords Advanced Separation Technology, Crystal Systhesis
Summary It has become important to develop a new crystallization technology to produce a high purity target compound from among the target product and multiple by-products. My research objective is to develop a technology to synthesize molecules that form a crystal structure and a technology to synthesize crystals to arrange molecules in a way that maximizes their properties. A crystal in a special environment where the molecules align according to a certain rule has unlimited possibilities. My research is to predict these possibilities based on logical evidence, develop technology to produce novel crystals that express various special functions, and new crystallization methods that will enable mass production.
Research Fields Chemical Engineering, Crystallography
Subjects Separation Engineering
[Master's Programs] Advanced Separation Engineering
[Doctoral Programs] Advanced Process Engineering
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